Our aim is to create a professional happy and friendly working relationship which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible service at a reasonable cost.

Firstly, it may help if you understood the process which is undertaken by the team here at Vision Consulting Group to complete your job. Some common questions that you have asked are these:

We work with clients who want to better understand the numbers that grow their business and as a result we have clients who are:

  • Property Developers, Project Managers and Builders
  • Personal Trainers, Gym Owners
  • Marketing Agencies, Educators & Online Retailers
  • Lawyers, CFO’s, Directors and CEO’s
  • Hospitality, Restaurants, Café’s
  • Actors, Models and Sporting professionals


Our clients are located all over Australia with a strong presence around our office.

We help entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Understand the Numbers that Drive their Business
  • Structure Effectively for Business Growth
  • Carry out Strategic Tax Planning
  • Implement Cloud Business Solutions
  • Keep Tax and Accounting Lodgement Obligations Squared Away
  • Set up and Run Self-Managed Super Funds

We more than cover your standard accountant’s’ role, and our clients say we’re set apart by two main things:

  • Our ability to provide peace of mind through explaining the why and not just the what; and
  • That we’ve “bought in” to their business, shoulder to shoulder, with intention to grow together.

We have a unique approach to providing insight into the numbers for entrepreneurs and business owners.

We want you, the business owner, to really understand the numbers behind what is going on in your business.

We work with you either on a monthly or quarterly basis, not just providing the numbers to you, but helping you to be able to use them in a meaningful way in the day to day management of your business.

We do not charge by the hour (so we aren’t rewarded for being inefficient), but rather we charge a fixed price that you know up front for the value that we provide.

It’s a different conversation and the focus for both of us is where the value is (rather than ‘let’s be quick and get this over with’ under the archaic hourly rate model).

When you come to us, we will agree on a price for any work to be undertaken at the start, then agree to a monthly ongoing amount moving forward. If there’s anything that pops up along the way, we will always agree on a price before we begin.

Oh, and we do not charge for every little phone call and email – this is just part of a working relationship!

In fact, 9 times out of 10 your investment in our Tax & Accounting service pays for itself in tax saved. Sometimes 5 – 10 x times over!

That’s taking money that otherwise would have gone to the tax man and putting it towards building a family first business. Woohoo!

Our engagement letters estimate a range for prepayment, although it’s not possible to know how long any accounting work might take. Two sets of books for the same business can take twice as long for one set as for the other depending on how the books are presented. Please work with your Client Manager to try to minimise the time, hence the cost. Ask your Client Manager for a more efficient way of presenting your books to us. The more you do the less it will cost. Make sure everything is there. Should the Client Manager pick up and put down your work waiting for missing information the more it will cost and the longer it will take.

We are about 30% better value than city firms and about 10% better value or similar to other Suburban Firms of similar size.

Three reasons:

  • We compare our rate with other Accountants every 12 months, and we are 10% less than the average Suburban practice.
  • We have grown by 30% – 50% every year. Most Accountancy Practices only grow by about 0% – 10% p.a. Majority of all growth is through word of mouth. A business needs three things to grow:
    1. Reasonably priced services
    2. Good service / product
    3. Honesty
  • Whenever we complete a New Clients work it is usually 10% – 50% better value than the previous Accountant, 80% of the time. If the client came from a city firm, we are consistently 30% – 50% better value.

Our response time to phone calls and emails is key number that we focus on

We successfully keep this number less than 24 hours on average for our clients.

We’ve anticipated your needs so well and provided so much proactive advice that you’d never have to email or call.

In the peak period it will take longer.

Missing information will delay the job.

In the PEAK PERIOD between August and March the turn around time may stretch out to 4 – 6 weeks or more, as everyone wants their work done in this period. Every Accountant in Australia is in the same boat. So please be patient in this period.

In the OFF-PEAK PERIOD between April and July turn around time drops back to a few weeks.

Turnaround time’ is another key number that the team measures closely and we aim to have any urgent projects and work turned around within 10 business days, so that we’re able to achieve the outcome without ridiculous delay, although we need you to work with us too when it comes to getting us the info we need on time.

To be able to provide real insights to your business, we need to be in contact with you many times over a year.

Ideally, we would catch up in some form at least every month, but if that is too regular for your stage in business, we can also catch up on a quarterly basis. (Any less than every quarter and we can’t provide as much value to you.


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